Nobility and elegance, power and high
intellect, extremely devoted friend and
companion.  The Doberman reigns supreme
as one of the most beautiful and harmonious
of dogs.
     Our common passion for this breed has united us as friends , adherent
in our big dogs family. Our kennel  Koppod`ORO  was established in 1999
and is a member of FCI, reg. number 1667 . We began breeding, working
and showing that same year.
     It is not surprising there are so many devotees to this breed.  A high
degree of selflessness and unquestionable courage are the remarkable
features easily identified by quality breeders.
     We are both confident and proud to say some of the finest specimens of
the Siberian Doberman are concentrated in our kennel.  They are indeed
the present-day leaders and Champions of Russia. In our kennel we have to
Interchampion, 4 Candidates in Interchampion, Champion of Club, 
4 Candidates Champion of Club, Grand Champion of Russia,                 
20 Champions of Russia, 2 Champions of Sweden, Champion of Danmark,
Champion of Khakassia, 8 Champion of Russian Kinological Federation,
10 Young Champions of Russia.
     The breeding of our dogs is based on the strong blood lines and classic
genetic traits of the famous kennels of  V. Neerlands Stam, V.Norden
Stamm and V. Franckenhofst.
     We at kennel "Koppod`ORO" have produced fifteen litters from our
brood bitches -
Gravin Dadi V. Neerlands Stam, Heidelberger Yardi,
Silfida iz Serebrjanoi Gavani, Koppod'ORO Arabeska Areya, Koppod'ORO
Aphrodita Astra, Koppod'ORO Boaditseia, Yarlanda, Graphic Line Maria
Magdalena, Koppod'ORO Germiona Gift, Koppod'ORO Geraldina Gold.
     In our days the new generation of Dobermans "Koppod'Oro grows up
and begins to be exposed successfully.
     We are expecting more successes with our younger females as time
unfolds -
Sergius Alexandrija Renata, Graphic Line Femida, Koppod'ORO
Zoranta Zenna, Koppod'ORO Zolotko Zolta, Koppod'Oro Zagadka Zandi.
     These magnificent dogs proved extremely successful at recent shows and
we will hope that these super animals may be influential toward further
development of the breed. All the tribal females are Champions of Beauty
and have diplomas on training.
     We at Koppod'ORO aspire to the ultimate goal of the true Standard with
all of our brood bitches. Through the use of magnificent blood lines with
their high genetic potential we aspire to continually update the genotype
and uniformity of our population. Our purpose is to achieve the Doberman
with perfect character and strong nerves, excellent exterior, health and
working qualities.  And so the Doberman which we can admire - this is our
    If YOU are interested in a Koppod`Oro - Dobermann, please contact us.
                                Serious inquiries welcome!
Owner: Elena Kozina - Davidsson
Phone: +7-(3832)-22-97-38, +7-(3852)-42-96-00 (Russian)
+46-(0)40-500-150 (English)
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